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Service Requirement

Doing good is as important as doing well.

Service is an integral part of our curriculum - so much so that it is a graduation

要求. We know that the incorporation of service learning into the academic curriculum is one of the most effective means of teaching students about the connection between what they learn in the classroom and the world around them.

What 上学校 students gain through participation in service is an understanding of the world around them, experience with human service institutions, tolerance and appreciation for lifestyles that differ from their own, interpersonal skills and the value of helping others.

To fulfill the service 要求, students may select one of the following  options: a service co-curricular (服务网络) a school -sponsored trip or an independent project. 

At the completion of all service projects, having participated in a minimum of 40 hours, all students are then required to submit a personal evaluation, 反射, supervisor evaluation and hours log.